A Power App to manage and facilitate treasure hunts. No external data source required. Bing Maps API key optional.


This is the Power Treasure Hunt App. A Power Apps Canvas app build to manage and facilitatie treasure hunts.

The app is build using only standard features of Canvas Apps. There are no connections to external data sources. The app uses Bing Maps to display sattelite imagery as clues to find waypoints.

This is a single device app. So when you have set up the hunt, hand over the phone to those doing the hunt and let them group work their way through.

The default password is blank (nothing).


Download the Power Treasure Hunt app here  https://github.com/jenschristianschroder/Power-Treasure-Hunt/raw/master/Canvas%20App/PowerTreasureHunt.zip

Import it into your Power Platform environment. You can use a Community Plan (https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/communityplan/) if you don't have access to Power Platform already.


Start the treasure hunt

Welcome Screen
Welcome Screen


Start the treasure hunt by clicking Start on the Welcome screen.

Find clues

Clues Screen
Clues Screen


Walk around and keep an eye on the distance measurement. It will fluctuate but if you walk around you will be able to pin point the direction to the next clue.

Once you get closer to the clue the image will get brighter.

Setup waypoints

Waypoint editor Screen
Waypoint Editor Screen


Add new waypoints to the list of waypoints using the waypoint editor

Use either a photo from camera or your device or use a satellite image of the current location curtesy of Bing Maps (Require a free Bing Maps API key - get yours here: https://www.bingmapsportal.com

If you use Bing Maps satellite imagery you can use the Pin size slider (left) and Zoom level slider (right) to alter the satellite images.

Enter a title or name for your waypoint. This will be shown when looking for clues so you can use it as a form of help.

Move waypoints up and down in the list to sort the sequence.

When happy with waypoints and sequence click Save waypoints.


Configuration Screen
Configuration Screen


Enter the Title of your treasure hunt. This goes on the Welcome screen.

Enter a Descrition of your treasure hunt. This goes on the front screeen. The Description supports simple HTML tags such as break, bold, center etc.

Enter the Bing Maps API key if you want to use satellite imagery for waypoint clues. Make sure to enable Bing Maps.

Enter a password to protect the configuration from unintended access.

Password protection

Password Screen
Password Screen


The Setup and Configuration screens are protected by simple password.

The default password is blank (nothing).

You can configure the password on the configuration screen.

Download the App 

You can download the app from the repository on github: https://github.com/jenschristianschroder/Power-Treasure-Hunt/tree/master/Canvas%20App